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Therapeutic counselling (psychotherapy) is used to address the associated consequences of life’s stressors. That is, the individual is living with thoughts, feelings and/or behaviours which may be associated with negative experiences in life. A person comes to therapy in order to talk through their experiences with an objective, non-judgmental, and empathic person who can assist him/her in identifying unhelpful thoughts or behaviours in a supportive, safe and accepting environment.

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Career guidance assessments are used to aid individuals in the decision-making process for both Grade 10 subject choices as well as future tertiary study possibilities post-secondary schooling. A combination of assessment measures are used to gauge factors pertaining to a person’s values, personality, occupational environment preference, occupational interests, and general aptitude. These results are integrated to form a comprehensive and holistic individual profile that can focus one’s choices for future (and present) work and study.



Educational assessments are used to investigate the person-to-environment interaction (goodness of fit for schooling/education) and identify potential barriers to learning that may hamper an individual from consistently evincing his/her potential. These assessments measure intellectual strengths and areas for development that can help focus intervention supports to both increase protective factors whilst also mitigating risks to education and learning. Educational assessments are also used to determine particular accommodations and/or concessions that may be necessary to bridge the barriers to learning.



These assessments are used to identify specific, diagnosable conditions which may be affecting the individual’s functioning in various environments. Dane Channon specialises in identifying neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD), specific learning disability (SLD) as well as other conditions associated with neuro-development and learning. Diagnostic assessments are important when individual’s need to gain access to treatments, resources, school placement and accommodations/concessions.

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& Workshops

Vincent Psychology offers training and guidance for parents and schools around various topics associated with mental health, development, IQ, EQ, personality and other relevant topics to psychological well-being. Schools readily invite Dane Channon to address teachers and parents on particular areas of interest. Dane also offers parental guidance on child development, discipline, co-parenting and education.

The following workshops have been previously undertaken by Dane Channon.

  • What is intelligence and why does it matter? A workshop aimed at equipping parents and teachers with the fundamentals of where intelligence comes from, how intelligence is measured, interpreting IQ ranges and developing weaker areas of intellect.

  • Neurodevelopmental disorders. Uncovering the mysteries of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). These disorders can also be addressed individually.

  • Personality at work. A staff development workshop aimed at helping individuals understand their own personality profiles, interaction with other personalities and conflict management.

  • Resilience. A talk aimed at helping parents and teachers understand children today - the challenges they face, the skills they require and the intrinsic motivation to progress beyond adversity.

Should you require Dane to present a particular topic that is not mentioned above, please contact him to discuss.